Do you need help in your subject or just need another helping hand? I have created this page to tell you, that if you are in need of extra help in your subject I am willing to help. I have compiled a list of skills and attributes letting you know what I am capable off and if they would be in anyway helpful to your practice.

Why I want to get involvedĀ 

Much like taking on a new volunteer role, I want to get involved in artistic projects on a volunteer basis which will broaden and practice my skills, increase my artistic portfolio, teach / reach a deeper understanding of the selected subject and have fun and make new friends.

Period of time

Currently studying at Sheffield Hallam University, I have times between periods of study and on days off when not in university. The times available would be based on the day and when I am able to fit it around work and university.


  • Knowledge in the Adobe Creative cloud
  • Eye for detail and problem solving
  • Enthusiastic and confident
  • Good knowledge using 3D Studio Max
  • Good IT skills, using Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point
  • Using traditional and digital photo camera equipment
  • Using video camera equipment
  • Good graphic design knowledge
  • Good knowledge in using social media


If you feel you might need some extra help with your project or wanting advice on using certain Adobe software or using your computer then please get in contact with me at: [email protected] or go onto the contact page and fill in the form.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How you can help me

During my time at university, I have taken up photography and video as two of my main studies. What I need is volunteer models, either male or female to photograph or if interested be apart of a experimental film.

If you are interested in being a model for my work / portfolio, please contact me from the details above letting me know about yourself and what are your do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking photos.

Thank you for your time and hope to hear soon.