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Start of blog and future works.

Hello, today I am starting my blog, my blog is going to feature my studio and other art works as well as other art works I have collected and seen throughout the year. I will be going to gallery exhibitions and then posting my thoughts on what I have seen. So basically this is a portfolio of my thoughts and what is to be expected being an artist and how a artist should respond to his/her surrounds and experience.

Studio Practice

My workplace / studio, is a working place filled with photographs and experimental work using my photos.

In the up-coming blogs, I will be showing you my work and what I am planning to do with it along side possible future works which could be used. Other information regarding future exhibitions and works will also be available.

  • My current practice is working on how to exhibit my work within a space and using it to create a positive outcome with or without giving a narrative but also questioning myself. Am I a photographer or am I a photographer artist?

Other works and collections

29/01/2017 – Adventurous Ink Kickstarter subscription

  • Adventurous Ink, is a crowd funding project based on outdoor / nature artworks which feature prints, photography, paintings and journalism.
  • Link: Kickstarter page

^ Lakeland Riso Series by James Bywood

  • Title: Castle Crag (Riso Version)
  • Date: 2016
  • Bio: The Lakeland Riso Series is an ad-hoc sequence of prints taken from ideas long held on his sketch book.
  • Link: www.jamesbywood.co.uk

Magazine: Another Escape Volume Eight: Outdoor Lifestyle, Creative Culture, Sustainable Living – Winter 2016/17

Pages 15 – 24 – The Road Taken, words & photography, Holly Gable & Angus Fulton

Published by Patagonia

Link: www.anotherescape.com

Adventurous Ink in relation to my work?

When I started looking and reading through the magazine, the magazine is filled with artists and photographers that have journal-ed and sketched out there travels and given thought about what they have seen and done while on the move. What I like about the journals is the experiences that these people have gone through and captured the moment through different types of mediums.

In relation to what I do as an artists, I have to look at how I am keeping a journal my work and question how and why I photograph my work and using it to create an outcome. What I would like to do is take what I can from the travelling part and photograph while I am on the move, via black and white photography or with the DSLR.

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